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XP Worksheet

Learning experiences (XPs), or XPs, are the core element on the LRNG platform. An XP is an activity that asks the learner to take specific action and demonstrate a particular learning outcome. They are the container for all learning activities, including both local events and online interactions.

XP Name (title): _______________


  • To ensure that you meet the goals of Connected Learning, compare your XP to these design pillars.
    • Based on Interests: is the learning experience based on and related to what youth want to learn?
    • Creates Connections: Does the learning experience help learners connect with peers and mentors who share their enthusiasm?
    • Emphasizes Production: Does the learning experience encourage and enable learners to create, make, and produce things that demonstrate what they have learned ina tangible way?
    • Unlocks Opportunity: Does the learning experience unlock opportunities in careers, academic success and lifelong pursuits?

Interest category:

  • career
  • science
  • design
  • society
  • entertainment
  • sport
  • life
  • technology

Age groups

  • all ages ____
  • 13+ ___
  • other ____


  • digital (online) ___
  • local (in person) ___

Desired Outcome:

  • Describe the purpose of this XP:

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Activity List

  • Describe the XP activities, step by step.

Community Connections

  • How does this XP connect to other XPs, people and organizations?

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