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The blue badge is bestowed following a month of doing 8-12 reps of PYOW pull-ups with the proper height (either bar or handles) and accompanied documentation.

The yellow badge is bestowed following the video posting of a PYOW pledge with single pull-up demonstration.

The simple Pull Your Own Weight approach works to arm kids with an affordable fitness goal that can help them prevail in their life-long fight against obesity.

"A person who does one pull up per week for the rest of their life is one who is immune to obesity," says Rick Osbourne, author, Pull Your Own Weight (book) and founder, Pull Your Own Weight (organization)

Students in elementary grades are in a perfect age group to begin their Pull Your Own Weight quest, and hopefully, never quit.

We take a few moments three times a week to allow each student to do eight-to-twelve successful pull-ups. These successful pull ups on the first days allow the students to jump off the floor and lift their chin over their hands, perhaps at a height that is just a few inches up. In the initial stages, the height of the bar is adjusted low enough for success. We begin with the bar height that is just three inches above the chin and allow for hops that accompany the pull-up.

Every time a student touches the bar and makes his or her attempt, they are made to feel victorius. Starting positions are with the height of the bar adjusted low enough so that each person wins every day. The whole class wins as everyone wins. Everyone gets encouragement.

Even the weakest kid in the class can do eight three-inch pull-ups on the first day and be successful with classmates. By grasping the achievement, and celebrating this, kids are moved to understand and maintain better health. Everyone can get it. Everyone can afford it. In two days, we do it again.

Once a student does 12 easy repetitions, then the height of the bar goes up by 1-inch for the next time the squad has Pull Your Own Weight time.

In five weeks time, the bar height might be five inches taller than it was on the first day. Others might be doing eight full pull-ups. It takes time. Success builds on success. Everyone is always successful. Find your own height and make at least 8. Stay at that height until 12 can be done easily. Then raise the bar by one inch and repeat.

The Pull Your Own Weight process has a quick, vital initiation. Then kids have periodic, yet brief commitments. The badge is secondary to the rewards the kids earn for themselves when they've put themselves on the life-long road of completing successful pull-ups. We seek those who want to demonstrate and commit to a Pull Your Own Weight lifestyle.

Badge ProcessEdit

  • Initiation
  • Commitment
  • Success
  • Lifestyle

Digital Badge comes after a month of dedication Edit

The Digital Badges/Exercises/Pull Your Own Weight can be bestowed following a month PYOW exercising. At the minimum, student does 8 to 12 reps with the handles or bar adjusted to the proper height. If done three times a week, (every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for example), given four weeks/one month, then 12 exercise days would have happened.

The badge marks a milestone in the life-long, Pull Your Own Weight, process. This successful pull-up marks successful fitness self improvement for the earner.

Completion Time Edit

This badge will require diverse time and energy commitments to attain based on the overall fitness level of the individual at the start of the Pull Your Own Weight operation.

Evaluation Criteria Edit

The earner can complete a successful pull-up unassisted from a hanging standstill and demonstrate the feat to a Summer Dreamer Swim & Water Polo Coach. This evaluation will be a formative process that ends when the camper meets the above criteria assessed by the Swim & Water Polo Coach.

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Training Edit

Summer Dreamers Swim and Water Polo coaches will be oriented in the City of Learning badging process during their initial training by the Summer Dreamer supervisors and management before the summer session.


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