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XP Template for LRNG entryEdit


  • XP/LiveCode Mentee



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Resources (optinal)Edit

Are there any resources that would help learners complete this XP?

  • http://
  • Enter Resource Title
    • Repeat if desired.

Submission RequirementsEdit

Describe the evidence a learner must submit to complete this XP.

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Learning DetailsEdit

Set the Interest, Age, Participation, and Duration of your XP.

  • Interest
  • Age Appropriateness
  • Estimated Duration
    • hr
    • min

Possible TasksEdit

  • Join a user list.
  • Ask a question on a user list.
  • Surf the archives to find answers.
  • Visit the Forums of LiveCode.
  • Interview a computer programmer.
  • Talk to a business that has a custom app.
  • Talk to a business owner that desires a custom app.