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Feet Wet XP

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Resources (optinal)Edit

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Submission RequirementsEdit

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Get Your Feet Wet Description Edit

This digital badge commemorates the first steps in the long journey of being a connected, engaged, literate, athletic citizen.

This badge indicates successful registration with Pittsburgh City of Learning and, completion of a photo release form, and attendance at the first BGC event or workshop--all decisive steps into the city-wide badging efforts in Pittsburgh in 2015.

Completion Time Edit

It will take only a few hours at most to complete this badge, with most badges being distributed at the very beginning of the first event or workshop that the participant attends.

Evaluation Criteria Edit

Requirements to Earn:

  • Registration with Pittsburgh City of Learning (if applicable) and
  • Completion of Photo Release form
  • Attendance at first BGC event or workshop

As soon as these requirements are met, the BGC staff member that walked the earner through the process will award the badge and demonstrate how the platform works.

Artifacts Edit

Badge Issuers Edit

BGC event and workshop staff that have City of Learning badge distribution access will lead participants through the badge registration process and distrupt the badge.

Training Edit

Staff will be trained at the beginning of the summer and oriented into the badging process.

Additional ConsiderationsEdit

Earning this badge will be the required first step for participants in the Summer Dreamer program and provide a litmus test for the distribution of badges in the program.

This badge is also one of the first steps in the joint CLOH and 4-H venture of a sports-service ladder to encourage community involvement at all levels and health and wellness improvements for all participants.