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  • Also called Swim 25 X 25 yards @ :25 Seconds from


Fueled by Water - Team Speedo, Elite Swimmers

Fueled by Water - Team Speedo, Elite Swimmers

Fueled by Water is our tribute to water and the people who are fueled by it. The elite swimmers in Team Speedo are among the fastest, strongest, and most dedicated athletes in the world. Olympic gold medalists Ryan Lochte, Natalie Coughlin, Cullen Jones, and Nathan Adrian are global ambassadors for the sport of swimming who define the next level. Get the full experience here:

Underwater-fuled by water.jpg.bmp-001


  • Shared experience log-book page: 25x25@25

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  • Watch a technique video on how to improve swimming's freestyle breathing from Chloe Sutton.
Breathing in Freestyle

Breathing in Freestyle

The Swimmer's Mentality

The Swimmer's Mentality

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