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Pressing Questions on making image linksEdit

Testing in October 2009Edit

To embed the image in your installation, simply use File:Name of commons picture.ext.

File:Commons:Flag of Denmark.svg

How do you link to Wiki Commons images?

For example, I've got a spors wiki --- -- and want to use nation flags in advance of the Olympics.

Any hope of doing that?

Testing areaEdit

These don't seem to work:Edit

Flag of Denmark

File:Wikipedia:commons:Image:Flag of Denmark.svg

File:Wikipedia:commons:Flag of Denmark.svg

File:Wikipedia:Flag of Denmark.svg

File:Wikipedia:commons:Flag of Denmark

Discussion no 6-18Edit

guess I need to ask elsewhere as to how to make the image links from a site to properly display a wiki commons graphic.

<GreenFood> Well, that's a different question.

      • codler [] has joined #wikia

<GreenFood> I'm not really sure what you mean by "wiki commons"

<GreenFood> Perhaps the Wikimedia commons?

      • GreenFood is now known as GreenReaper

<avatar> at the moment you can't easily include images from wikimedia commons

<avatar> sad but true you need to download them and upload them to your wiki

<GreenReaper> Right, that's because it's not Wikia's servers, so you'd be stealing bandwidth.

      • Zizanzu [n=585824d8@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit ["CGI:IRC (EOF)"]

<avatar> this will change in the near future

<avatar> GreenReaper: this is not correct. wait a sec.

<avatar> GreenReaper: please read this posting by erik:

<avatar> we have tested it at a test server withouth problems but it needs to cache images first before we can use it sitewide.

<GreenReaper> I don't see where it is "not correct"

      • Azzt|BFII [] has quit ["By the time you finish reading this statement, you will have lost the game."]

<GreenReaper> The current implementation of MediaWiki cannot support local caching, therefore bandwidth theft is still a problem. It may not be in the future.

<avatar> GreenReaper: you're right that this way it is using wikimedia ressources. but the whole thing is based on the idea that third parties are allowed to do so.

<avatar> so I think 'stealing bandwith' wasn't the best description but I agree that my 'not correct' wasn't a good description too :-)

<GreenReaper> Hmm. I don't want my donation money to go to third parties' use of Wikimedia images. Remind me not to donate in the future.

<Rauterkus> Wow. Thanks for the insights. What to do. Downloading 200 flags / images seems like a drag. Waiting a week or two may make sense.

<Rauterkus> Best practice would be ... (I'm fishing for advice.)

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