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At the conclusion of an afternoon’s presentation on Buddhism at Hempfield High School, some students stuck around afterward to ask more questions. One young man essentially asked me if Buddhism leads to passivity, meaning that because we work to accept reality as it is, we in turn do nothing to improve upon it...wonderful question!

To see and accept reality as it is means that we UNDERSTAND why things are the way they are; there’s no ambiguity, no confusion, we can see clearly why things are the way they are, and in as much, there’s no room for anger to arise.

I encouraged him to consider the difference between being socially/politically active because we’re selfishly angry that things aren’t the way WE want them to be, and being socially/politically active with a heart full of love and compassion for those whose freedoms and rights we’re standing for.

In other words, I tried to explain that we don’t have to be angry to care, that we can do the same work, and arguably more effectively, with a peaceful, loving, and caring mind.

I would love to see this next generation lead the way, abandoning the hypocrisy in hating and being intolerant of those we accuse of being hateful and intolerant, and learn how to serve one another through the power of love and understanding.