The Olympic Club, San Francisco, California


The Olympic Club is the nation's oldest private member athletic club with more than 5,000 active members. With two facilities, the City Clubhouse and our Lakeside Country Club, we offer members over 20 sports to participate in at all levels. Our City Clubhouse offers two gymnasiums, two swimming pools, extensive state of the art athletic facilities, squash and handball courts, 18 hotel rooms, 3 food and beverage outlets and concierge services.


Responsibilities of the Aquatics Director include but are not limited to the following: Overseeing Aquatics programs including masters, rough water, juniors, and water polo. Managing the Aquatics Staff (Aquatics Manager, Junior Swim Coach and Lifeguards). Working closely with the Commissioners of Rough Water, Masters Swimming, and Water Polo in budgets, travel, scheduling, purchasing, reimbursements, administrative duties, etc. Regularly inspecting and maintaining two pool areas within Club standards. Coaching a minimum of 50% of the Masters workouts. Coaching Junior workouts as needed. Actively participating in Club management meetings, trainings, etc. Maintaining up-to-date member communications via website, monthly magazine and communication boards. Planning, organizing and directing the annual Trans-Tahoe event. Representing The Olympic Club at specific aquatics events as required. Additional duties as assigned.

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