Swimming New Zealand (SNZ) Listed February 25, 2016

ABOUT SWIMMING NEW ZEALAND Swimming New Zealand (SNZ) is the National organisation that represents competitive pool and open water swimming – helping to ensure every New Zealander swims to their potential. Through its membership of Aquatics New Zealand, New Zealand is affiliated to the Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA) and the NZ Olympic Committee (NZOC). Swimming New Zealand also has an active role in the promotion of water safety, learn to swim, education and certification of swimming instructors and swim schools. Swimming New Zealand is a Core member of Water Safety New Zealand.

The vision for the New Zealand Swimming High Performance Strategy 2013-2020 is for inspirational swimmers, exciting the nation through exceptional results, with a mission to create a sustainable high performance environment that systematically produces world class performances.

This is achieved through:
     World class coaching
     Strong team culture
     Strong team leadership and direction
     Integrated athlete pathway
     Podium results
     Athlete role models

NATIONAL HEAD COACH Reporting  to  the  High  Performance  Director  (HPD)  the  National  Head  Coach  will  lead  the development and implementation of the programme to prepare the AquaBlacks to be successful on the world stage, working towards Swimming New Zealand’s vision and mission as established in the High Performance Strategy 2016-2020.

To achieve this, the National Head Coach will:
      Lead the daily performance environment, technical direction and operational standards for the National High Performance Centre (NHPC) athletes based at the AUT-Millennium Institute within the framework established through the High Performance Strategy 2013-2020.
     Promote the overall strategic coaching direction of the High Performance programme including mentoring coaches as identified by the High Performance Director.
     Provide a single point of accountability in the preparation of the AquaBlacks for pinnacle events, especially for Olympic Games and the FINA long course Championships.

This is a significant High Performance role and we are looking for an outstanding candidate with substantial experience in a high performance-swimming programme.   To be considered for this role you will need to be a dynamic leader with energy and an ability to swiftly build relationships and credibility with international level athletes, coaches and stakeholders. You will be highly motivated and target-orientated individual who has a passion for achieving elite success and comfortable being measured by your results. Your excellent planning, organisational and interpersonal communication skills will allow you to form effective working relationships with a variety of performance staff, athletes, parents, external stakeholders and partner organisations.

Consideration for this role will be given to a resolute coach with innate capacity to lead New Zealand’s leading elite swimmers and coaches in a demanding high performance environment.

KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES The key accountabilities of the National Head Coach position are: High Performance Programme – Leadership      Contribute to setting the strategic and operational direction for the Swimming New Zealand’s High Performance Strategy 2016-2020.
      In conjunction with the HPD, develop a performance culture that encourages swimmers and coaches to aim for excellence and maximise their talents.
     In conjunction with the HPD and other SNZ Coaching Staff, ensure all development programmes and initiatives align with the High Performance Programme and NHPC.
     Support  and  assist  with  initiatives  that  enhance  the  SNZ  High  Performance Programme, including opportunities to improve the profile of SNZ, its sponsors and supporters.
     Proactively provide input into appropriate forums and committees of Swimming New Zealand and High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ) that will enhance the operation of the High Performance Program and National High Performance Centre.
     Contribute to and/or prepare reports for the CEO, HPD, High Performance Sport New
Zealand, the Board of Swimming New Zealand and other relevant stakeholders as required.
     Ensure fluent communication with coaches not based at the NHPC, but directly responsible for preparation of AquaBlacks, to allow effective collaboration and promote engagement and accountability.
     Lead the National Senior Team on international and domestic camps and competitions.

National High Performance Centre      Manage training standards according to performance expectations.
     Provide personal attention to every individual athlete with regard to all aspects related to their preparation to deliver on the world stage.
     Deliver planned, structured individualised training sessions.
     Debrief training sessions and cycles with individual athletes as required by providing timely and appropriate feedback on performance and reinforcement of effort and progress
     Implement a challenging performance environment on camps as well as at the NHPC.
     Design, implement and monitor individual performance plans (IPP) for the athletes of the NHPC squad according to the agreed strategies and the specific needs of the individual swimmers.
     Lead and manage an elite international standard Sports Science Sport Medicine programme in conjunction with High Performance Sport New Zealand that challenges support staff’s thinking and encourages them to devise avenues in their field of expertise that improve swimmers’ preparation and enhances performance.
     Make relevant connections to Clubs and coaches with identified swimmers at all levels of the talent pathway.

Elite Coach Development and Education      Manage and mentor Swimming New Zealand’s HP Programme Coach.
     Assist with coach education programmes where appropriate including, dissemination of sports science and sport medicine research findings to the high performance coaching network.
     Play a role in the implementation of the Swimming New Zealand coaching strategy.
     Build and maintain effective relationships with SNZs high performance coaching network.

Administration      Liaise with the HP Administration and Operations Manager and HP Operations Coordinator to ensure that the required information to organise trips to competitions and camps is provided accurately and on time.
     Ensure that swimmers are informed of the protocols and procedures of the NHPC and the National Team as well as selection policies, etc.
     Produce Individual Performance Plans (IPP) and quarterly performance reviews for the NHPC swimmers.

SELECTION CRITERIA In addition to demonstrating relevant experiences across the core functional areas of responsibility identified in this Position Overview, candidates applying for the National Head Coach role will require a range of personal and professional skills, including:

Experience      Extensive experience in coaching at an elite swimming level and of leading support services, coaches and athletes in a high performance environment.
     Experience leading teams to international competitions.
     Leadership  and  management  experience  with  significant  exposure  to  high  performance swimming issues and solutions.
     Evidence of successfully and positively working with diverse stakeholders in and out of the training environment.

Knowledge      A recognised High Performance coaching qualification.
     A thorough understanding of swimming as well as coaching swimmers at an elite level.
     A thorough understanding of swimming training including periodisation, skill acquisition, dry-land training, workout design, hypoxic training, test design and interpretation and anything related to preparing swimmers at the high level.
     An understanding of athletes’ motivation strategies.
     An understanding of sports science in all aspects related with swimming performance.
     Broad knowledge of national and international swimming sporting organisations. Skills      An ability to motivate elite athletes and skilled professional staff, in a performance focused environment.
     Good communication skills
     Strong time management and organisational skills.

Leadership Competencies      Communicates with key stakeholders in a way that promotes engagement and commitment and builds strong relationships.
     Continually seeks and takes on feedback and understands the impact their behaviour has on others.
     Provides a clear sense of direction to the athletes and has the ability to get their full commitment to the programme.
     Is a role model to other New Zealand Coaches.
     Experienced in one-to-one peer level coaching and mentoring.
     Conveys an image that is consistent with the organisation’s values.

Operational Accountability      Acknowledges this position’s leadership role and understands the responsibility that entails.
     Makes objective performance reviews, draws relevant conclusions and proposes action.
     Leads national teams at international camps and competitions and understands the responsibility of representing NZ abroad.
     Understands this position’s role in the pathway of the athletes being coached and acknowledges the contribution of past coaches as well as the support of swimming clubs.

Relationship Management      Demonstrates decisiveness and action in the management of issues as they arise.
     Tailors behaviour, approach, strategy and messages appropriately to varying situations.
     Maintains a humble and close relationship with athletes based on mutual respect and discipline.
     Demonstrates excellent communication skills especially when promoting ideas to others.
     Is able to build and maintain positive working relationships with people at all levels within the SNZ sector, including forming successful relationships with key stakeholders and influencers both within and outside of SNZ.


Internal      CEO
     High Performance Director
     HP Development Coach
     SNZ Coaching Staff
     Administration & Operations Manager
     Operations Coordinator
     SNZ Selectors and Team Manager External      Personal coaches
     National Squad athletes
     High Performance Sport New Zealand
     New Zealand Olympic Committee

TERM OF CONTRACT This is a full time position with the initial contract term to 31 December 2020 subject to available funding and outcome of the 2016  High Performance Review with High Performance Sport New Zealand.

HOURS This is a full time position. Due to the nature of the role, weekend work and extended hours will be required.

LOCATION The position is located at Swimming New Zealand’s offices at the Sir Owen G Glenn National Aquatic Centre at AUT Millennium in on Auckland’s North Shore.  Regular travel throughout New Zealand and internationally will be required (up to 10-12 weeks per year).

REMUNERATION An attractive remuneration package typical of a National Head Coach will be available to the successful candidate, depending upon skill level and experiences. At the time of applying, candidates are invited to indicate their current salary and salary expectations.

WEBSITE Swimming New Zealand has a comprehensive website at which includes information and news items on all facets of its activities, services and programmes.

The website address is

TIMELINES – IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR CANDIDATES Applications close for the National Head Coach on 31 March 2016. First round interviews are scheduled for 21 and 22 April, with second round (if applicable) for the week commencing 1 May 2016. The successful candidate would not be expected to commence duties until approximately late September 2016. At the time of applying candidates are invited to indicate their availability and required notice period.

APPLICATIONS Swimming New Zealand will be screening immediately from the date of opening applications.

Preferred Format: As a guide only, a 2-page letter of introduction and an accompanying CV of no more than 6 pages, merged as one MS Word file.

This information should be sent electronically to with the subject identifier of the email to be formatted as follows:

National Head Coach – Swimming New Zealand <<Your Name>