Letter T Tennis

"T" for "Tennis."
Tennis has many great superstars including Venus Williams. In Pittsburgh, there are plenty of opportunities to play tennis at plenty of outdoor courts throughout the spring, summer and fall. Tennis is a varsity sport in most high schools.

Word TEAM-as in CampCAPA

"T" for "Team"
The students at Camp CAPA got along well, became friends, worked well together, improved fitness, learned to swim much better and grew as a team. Yes to teamwork. Summer Dreamers can help to condition the students to raise the hopes of them joining their varsity sports teams in the next year as they all go to high school.

Letter T tennis

"T" for "Tap Dance"
"T" for "Trapeze."
"T" for "Tennis"
Tons of topics tickle the theme for her "T."

Letter T builds PCA

"T" for "Tie"
Tie your shoe. Tie your water polo cap. Tie your neck tie, teachers.

Letter T draft faison

"T" for "Tricks"
Building the letter.

Letter T Faison

T for Twins. And T is for their first names too, Terry and Terrance.

IPad-show 042

"T" for "Tiger"
Tiger Water Polo, Pittsburgh's, year-round water polo club team has members and developmental programs, clinics and a fun spring league. Kids in Pittsburgh who want to continue to play water polo can join Tiger Water Polo.
Tiger Water Polo is a supporting sponsor of the Swim & Water Polo Camp by helping with equipment, coaching and competitions.

T4Towel Trunks Trophie by EMILY

"T" for "Towel, Trunks and Trophies"

Letter T treading

"T" for "Treading Water"

Tiffany photo

Tiffany, a teacher at Camp CAPA.

Thomas Bright

"T" for "Thomas"

Tamiah William Cheeks




Tre Vaughn Larue Sykes

Tre Vaughn

Tyrell Pollard


Tariq Jackson book




Tijae Kenney


Todd Murray Jr. Silly Face


Tyema Williams


Tyrell Price in Cafeteria


Taru having Fun


Footnotes ebook masthead
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Toby J Head

"T" for "Toby."


T for Taylor.

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