Letter B shows

"B" for "Backstroke"
"B" for "Bowling"

At the top, "B" is for "Basketball", where it helps to be tall.


"B" for Backstroke"

Letter B Faison-girl

"B" for "Bat"


B for Backstroke race. Begin at the wall and ready topush off on the back.

Letter B Baseball

"B" for "Baseball"


Back float by Cameron with lips closed, high hips and head resting back in the water.

Letter B builds

B is for Ball. Of course the balls are yellow and with lines, as that's how a water polo ball looks.

B-letter builds PCA

This "B" is a work in progress.

WORD ball

"B" for "Ball"
Basketball begins with "B" and the water polo balls were banned and banished from the Citiparks pool after a few weeks of the camp when a week of 90-degree heat pulled lots of people into the pool.

WORD Brick

"B" for "Brick"
Bricks on the bottom of the pool.
In basketball, a shot that is a brick isn't good.

B Letters SDADV

This is a draft "B," for ball.

Letter B bobbing-uprep

"B" for "Bobbing"


Be is for "Believe," a sign at Camp Carmalt. The "B" word is "Behavior."


"B" for "Mr. B." Mr. B is a PPS Teacher at Camp U-Prep.




"B" for "BGC"



Blade Weis-on-bus


Bryan Noel



Briana Butcher

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