for now, just see Raspberry Pi

Hardware neededEdit

The Raspberry Pi 3 is without a keyboard, mouse, monitor and micro SD card.

Shopping at a retail store, Target, in East Liberty in April 2016, these items were available for sale.

  • Keyboard with USB wire, $7.99.
  • Bluetooth Keyboard without a wire, $35.99.
  • Wireless mouse, $15.99.
  • SD card, $29.99.
  • Salesperson said that the least expensive monitor with HDMI cost $109.
64gb micro SD card Costco

Micro SD card, 64 GB, at Costco, $23,99.

Keyboard and mouse at Best Buy, $12.99.
20160413 190413

$12.99 gets a keyboard and mouse, with wire, at Best Buy.

Optional HardwareEdit

  • Jump drive, USB 3.0. At Costco, a 128 gb drive was for sale for $24.99.
    20160413 193146

    128 GB jump drive, $24.99.


Plug from the Raspberry Pi 3's HDMI video out to a VGA monitor.

Goodwill has monitorsEdit

20160412 115243