• University of Pittsburgh Honors College
  • Laurel Ridge Outdoor Leadership Program
  • Friday, October 24 – Sunday, October 26, 2007

This semester, the University Honors College, along with the Collegiate Eagle Scout Association (CESA), will once again sponsor the Outdoor Leadership Program (OLP). The weekend will take place Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, October 24th – October 26th.

OLP is a retreat to the Laurel Ridge area of Pennsylvania that connects the "life above the neck" of the Honors College with the "life below the neck" inherent in an outdoor setting. It is a physically and mentally challenging excursion. The fundamentals of leadership are integrated with the teaching of outdoor skills, resulting in a retreat that is both informative and memorable. In contrast with the common lecture-style leadership seminars, OLP participants are actively engaged in activities throughout the weekend, having the opportunity to immediately apply and practice that which they are learning.

This program is designed specifically for those who do not have much outdoor or leadership experience, but simply a strong willingness to learn. Also, participants are in no way required to be active members of the Honors College. Participants are only required to be motivated, flexible, interested, and prepared for a challenge.

If you are interested in OLP, please fill out the application page at our website ( and submit it by Sunday, October 12th. (please note this is the official date, not the one listed on the website).

Any questions may be directed to, and they will be answered in a timely fashion. We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity and be a participant in the University Honors College Laurel Ridge Outdoor Leadership Program!

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