John HoldenEdit


  • a sport star in Basketball most recently in Russia (also known as RUS) Flag of Russia
  • Born: October 8 1976

Height: 185


Latvian Championship winner as a member of ASK Broceni Riga (1999)

Belgium Championship winner as a member of Telindus Oostende (2001)

Belgium Cup winner as a member of Telindus Oostende (2001)

Greek Championship as a member of AEK Athens (2002)

Russian Championship winner as a member of CSKA Moscow (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006)

Russia Cup winner as a member of CSKA Moscow (2005, 2006)

Euroleague winner as a member of CSKA Moscow (2006)


John Robert Holden was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1975. He is also known as J. R. Holden. Originally from the USA, Holden is a naturalized Russian professional basketball player. Holden played high-school basketball at Linsly HS (say what?) and college basketball at Bucknell University (1994-98). He played NCAA NCAA logo Division I college basketball at Bucknell University (1994-1998). After graduation from Bucknell, Holden received a call from a basketball club in Riga, Latvia offering him $3,000 a month to join their team. He accepted and began a long and very successful career in European basketball. Holden has played for teams in Latvia (1998-99), Belgium (Telindus Oostende, 1999-2001), and Greece (AEK Athens BC, 2001-2002). He has won national championships in each country he played.

Holden has gained a number of personal awards. In 2001 Holden played the 2001 Belgian All Star Game. In 2002 Holden took part in the Greek All Star Game. In 1998-99 Holden was named to the Latvian League First Team.

At the moment Holden wears CSKA Moscow uniform. The Moscow leg of Holden’s career has been the most successful in his career as he captured four Russian Superleague titles, two Russia Cup titles and most important of all Euroleague title.

On October 20, 2003, Holden became a Russian citizen by decree of President Vladimir Putin. This move was brought about by new Russian Basketball Federation regulations restricting the number of foreigners, and specifically Americans allowable on Russian League teams. In response to the move, CSKA Basketball CEO Sergei Kushchenko hatched the idea of Holden acquiring citizenship. Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov and the Russian State Sports Committee both wrote letters in support of the decree. Holden currently maintains dual American and Russian citizenship. Holden has already played for Russia (also known as RUS) Flag of Russia.

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