formation = 1912

headquarters = Monaco

membership = 212 member federations

leader_title = President

leader_name = Lamine Diack


The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) is the international governing body for the sport of athletics. It was founded in 1912 at its first congress in Stockholm, Sweden by representatives from 17 national athletics federations as the International Amateur Athletics Federation. Since October 1993 it has been headquartered in Monaco.

Beginning in 1982, the IAAF has passed several amendments to its rules allowing athletes to receive compensation for participation in international athletics competitions. However, the IAAF retained the word "amateur" in its name until its 2001 Congress at which the IAAF's title was changed to its current form.

The IAAF's current president is Lamine Diack of Senegal (also known as SEN) Flag of Senegal. He became Acting President shortly after the death of the previous president, Primo Nebiolo of Italy (also known as ITA) Flag of Italy in November 1999, and was elected IAAF President at the IAAF's 2001 Congress.

Continental associationsEdit

IAAF map

Map of world with six federations

The IAAF has a total of 213 member federations,[1] which is 5 more than FIFA and 21 more constituent members than the United Nations.

Template:Colorbox AAA – Asian Athletics Association in Asia
Template:Colorbox CAA – Confédération africaine d'athlétisme in Africa
Template:Colorbox CONSUDATLE – Confederación Sudamericana de Atletismo in South America
Template:Colorbox EAA – European Athletic Association in Europe
Template:Colorbox NACACAA – North American, Central American and Caribbean Athletic Association in North America
Template:Colorbox OAA – Oceania Athletic Association in Oceania


Since the establishment of the IAAF, it has had five presidents:

Name Country Presidency
Sigfrid Edström Sweden (also known as SWE) Flag of Sweden 1912–1946
Lord Burghley GBR (also known as GBR) Flag of the United Kingdom 1946–1976
Adriaan Paulen Netherlands (also known as NED) Flag of the Netherlands 1976–1981
Primo Nebiolo Italy (also known as ITA) Flag of Italy 1981–1999
Lamine Diack Senegal (also known as SEN) Flag of Senegal 1999–


Included in its charge are the standardization of timekeeping methods and world records. The IAAF also organizes many major athletics competitions worldwide, including:

Event Frequency
IAAF World Championships in Athletics Every two years
IAAF World Indoor Championships in Athletics Every two years
IAAF World Cross Country Championships Every year
IAAF World Half Marathon Championships Every year
IAAF World Road Running Championships Defunct
IAAF World Junior Championships in Athletics Every two years
IAAF World Youth Championships in Athletics Every two years
IAAF World Race Walking Cup Every two years
IAAF World Cup in Athletics Every four years
ÅF Golden League Every year
IAAF World Athletics Final Every year

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