Emily Kukors PRONOUNCED: COO-coors


Career Highlights:Edit

Took third in the 200m free and IM and fourth in the 100m free at 2006 NCAA Championships ... finished second at the 2005 U.S. Open .... placed second in the 200m free at 2003 Summer Nationals

Pan Am GamesEdit

2007: Gold, 400m FR-R & 800m FR-R; Silver, 200m IM

NCAA NCAA logo ChampionshipsEdit

2007 (Jr); 2, 200y FR & 800y FR-R; 3, 200y MR-R; 4, 200y/400y FR-R; 5 100y FR

NCAA NCAA logo ChampionshipsEdit

2008 (Sr): 3, 200y IM; 3, 200y FR-R; 2, 400y MR-R

2007 World Rankings: Edit

87th, 100m free; 74th, 400m free; 69th, 200m fly; 13th, 200m IM

2006 World Rankings: Edit

24th, 200m IM; 83rd, 400m IM

2005 World Rankings: Edit

70th, 100m free; 40th, 200m free; 133rd, 200m fly; 89th, 200m IM


Holds (United States (also known as USA) Flag of the United States / American Record) in 800y FR-R, set at 2008 Southeastern Conference C ... Holds USO in 800y FR-R, set at 2008 Southeastern Conference C ... Holds NAG (15-16) in 800y FR-R, set at NAG Records


Collegiate: Twelve-time NCAA All-American

Collegiate: Two-time NCAA Champions (2006-07)


High School: Auburn HS '03

College: Auburn '09

College Major: Broadcast Journalism

Family, Village, Community Edit

Parents: Pete and Jaapje Sibling(s): Younger sisters (Ariana Kukors and Mattie Kukors) swim for King Aquatic Club ... Ariana won the silver medal in the 400 IM at the 2006 Pan Pacs and the 2007 World Champs

Sports Played Before Swimming: Basketball, gymnastics, tennis, volleyball, soccer

Nickname(s): Emma ... "My sisters are the only ones who call me this."

Pet(s): One dog (Sierra)

Hobbies Outside the Pool: Spending time with friends and family, watching romantic comedies

Ultimate Way to Relax: Laying out by the pool!

Most Influential Person: Mom ... "She is the most influential person I know with a heart of gold."

Training Notes Edit


Swims 18,000 meters/yards per day, 4-5 hours a day, 6 days a week

International MedalsEdit

2007 Pan American Games 2007: Silver, 200m IM; Gold, 800m FR-R; Gold, 400m FR-R

Top TimesEdit

Event Best Year 100m FR 55.97 Jun 08 200m FR 2:00.49 Dec 05 400m FR 4:14.01 Jun 07 200m FL 2:10.19 May 08 200m IM 2:13.88 Jul 07 400m IM 4:52.84 Jun 07


Ultraswim GP - t3 Final, 100m FR; 4 Final, 200m FR; 10 Final, 100m FL; t2 Final, 200m FL; 2 Final, 200m IM 08 SCSC GP - t25 Final, 100m FR; 21 Final, 400m FR; 10 Final, 200m FL; 9 Final, 200m IM NCAA - 15 Final, 100y FR; 4 Final, 200y FR; 3 Final, 200y IM; 3 Final, 200y FR-R; 4 Final, 400y FR-R; 8 Final, 800y FR-R; 2 Final, 400y MED-R


SCY NATS - 16 Final, 100y FR; t7 Final, 200y FR; t9 Final, 500y FR; 17 Final, 200y FL; t9 Final, 200y IM; 3 Final, 800y FR-R; 2 Final, 400y MED-R PAN AMS - 2 Final, 200m IM; 1 Final, 400m FR-R; 1 Final, 800m FR-R SCSC GP - 27 Final, 50m FR; 9 Final, 100m FR; 6 Final, 200m FR; 7 Final, 400m FR; 6 Final, 200m FL 07 ULTRA GP - 16 Final, 50m FR; 7 Final, 100m FR; 2 Final, 200m FR; 4 Final, 200m FL; 3 Final, 200m IM; 6 Final, 400m IM


US OPEN - 15 Final, 50m FR; 4 Final, 100m FR; 4 Final, 200m FR; 17 Final, 200m FL; 6 Final, 200m IM; 7 Final, 400m IM SUM NATS - 22 Final, 200m FL; 7 Final, 200m IM NCAA - 4 Final, 100y FR; 3 Final, 200y FR; 3 Final, 200y IM 2005 US OPEN - 3 Final, 100m FR; 2 Final, 200m FR; 9 Final, 200m FL; 4 Final, 200m IM 2004 SUM NATS - 11 Final, 100m FR; 8 Final, 200m FR; 9 Final, 200m FL


US OPEN - 8 Final, 200m FR; 11 Final, 200m IM; 15 Final, 400m IM SUM NATS - 10 Final, 100m FR; 2 Final, 200m FR; 21 Final, 200m IM


SUM NATS - 16 Final, 200m IM SPG NATS - 22 Final, 100m FR

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