Elizabeth Beisel PRONOUNCED: BYE-sel


Career Highlights:Edit

Made her debut at a FINA event by finishing 12th in the 200m backstroke at the 2007 World Championships ... finished second in the 200m back at the 2007 Duel in the Pool ... made the 2006 Pan Pac team as a 13-year-old after finishing second in the 200m back at the 2006 Nationals ... finished fifth in that event at the Pan Pacifics ... set 11-12 NAG records in the 200m back and 400m IM at the 2005 Junior Championships

World ChampionshipsEdit

2007: 12, 200m BK Duel in the Pool History: 2007: silver, 200m BK

2006 World Rankings: Edit

72nd, 100m back; 12th, 200m back; 81st, 400m IM

2005 World Rankings: Edit

77th, 200m back


Holds NAG (15-16) in 200m MED-R, set at 2008 MR Speedo CHAMPIONS SERIES ... Holds NAG (11-12) in 200m BK, set at 2005 Junior Championships ... Holds NAG (11-12) in 400m IM (Prelim), set at 2005 Junior Championships ... Former NAG (11-12) holder in 200y BK, set at 2005 MR Speedo Sectionals ... Holds NAG (10 & under) in 200m IM, set at 2004 NE Open Championship ... Holds NAG (10 & under) in 100m BK, set at 2003 NE 12&U AG Champs ... Former NAG (10 & under) holder in 200m FR, set at 2003 NE 12&U AG Champs ... Holds NAG (10 & under) in 400m FR, set at 2003 ST Texas Open


National Teams: 2006 National B Team ... qualified for the 2007 National Junior Team High School: 2007 RI Female High School Athlete of the Year


High School: North Kingstown HS '10

Ambitions, Aspirations, Goals, Dreams Edit

Sports commentator

Family, Village, Community Edit

Parents: Ted and Joan ... father is a construction superintendent, and mother is an employee for American Airlines. Joan Beisel swan for University of Rhode Island.

Sibling(s): Younger brother (Danny)

Started Swimming: At age 5 because "I loved the water."

Sports Played Before Swimming: Ballet, basketball, soccer

Nickname(s): Bekel, Diesel ... "At one meet, I was somehow entered as Bekel, so people started to call me that."

Pet(s): One dog (Reggie) ... one cat (Belle)

Hobbies Outside the Pool: Surfing, waterskiing, traveling, going to the beach.

was an Eastern Surfing Association divisional finalist

Ultimate Way to Relax: Sleeping, listening to music

Most Influential Person: Parents ... "They do so much for me and are always supportive."

Charities: Volunteers with Special Olympics swimming and the Rhode Island Community Food Bank

More: When she was younger, wanted to be an actress

Favorites: U.S. city: Los Angeles ... int'l destination: Australia ... musician: Bob Marley ... celebrity: Johnny Depp ... summer activity: surfing ... tv: Seinfeld ... movie: Remember the Titans

International MedalsEdit

2007 Duel in The Pool 2007: Bronze, 200m BK

Top TimesEdit

Event Best Year 100m BK 1:01.63 Jun 08 200m BK 2:10.92 Jan 08 400m IM 4:36.75 May 08


Ultraswim GP - 2 Final, 50m BK; 2 Final, 100m BK; 1 Final, 200m BK; 9 Final, 100m BR; 2 Final, 200m BR; 7 Final, 100m FL; t3 Final, 200m FL 08 SCSC GP - 18 Final, 200m FR; 11 Final, 400m FR; t4 Final, 100m BK; t1 Final, 200m BK; 21 Final, 200m BR; 8 Final, 200m IM; 1 Final, 400m IM; 4 Final, 400m MED-R


JR NATS - 6 Final, 200m FR; 3 Final, 400m FR; 6 Final, 800m FR; 1 Final, 100m BK; 1 Final, 200m BK; 24 Final, 200m FL; 1 Final, 200m IM; 1 Final, 400m IM; 22 Final, 400m FR-R; t33 Final, 800m FR-R; 4 Final, 400m MED-R SUM NATS - 21 Final, 400m FR; 15 Final, 100m BK; 6 Final, 200m BK; 25 Final, 400m FR-R; 23 Final, 800m FR-R SCSC GP - 13 Final, 400m FR; 12 Final, 1500m FR; 8 Final, 100m BK; 5 Final, 200m BK; 7 Final, 400m IM; 16 Final, 400m FR-R; 13 Final, 400m MED-R Namesnik GP - 16 Final, 200m FR; 3 Final, 400m FR; 7 Final, 100m BK; 2 Final, 200m BK; 17 Final, 200m FL; 5 Final, 200m IM; 2 Final, 400m IM MoO DiP - 8 Final, 100m BK; 3 Final, 200m BK WORLD - 12 Semi, 200m BK


US OPEN - 22 Final, 800m FR; 8 Final, 100m BK; 4 Final, 200m BK; 12 Final, 200m IM; 8 Final, 400m IM PAN PAC - 5 Final, 200m BK SUM NATS - 9 Final, 100m BK; 2 Final, 200m BK; 19 Final, 200m IM; 12 Final, 400m IM SPG CHAMPS - 7 Final, 100m BK; 4 Final, 200m BK; 14 Final, 200m IM; 9 Final, 400m IM


US OPEN - 27 Final, 800m FR; 15 Final, 100m BK; 3 Final, 200m BK; 22 Final, 200m IM; 15 Final, 400m IM JR NATS - 9 Final, 800m FR; 7 Final, 1500m FR; 7 Final, 100m BK; 2 Final, 200m BK (NAG (11-12)); 8 Final, 200m IM; 3 Final, 400m IM WC TRIALS - 19 Final, 200m BK


US OPEN - 15 Final, 200m BK

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