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  • 1710 Murray Ave, Level II, Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 412-325-7606

Pittsburgh CyberConXionEdit

Pittsburgh CyberConXion is the largest Public Access Computing Facility in Pennsylvania offering PC/Console gaming, Training and Educational services.

Located in the heart of the commercial district of Squirrel Hill, CyberConXion has 3,700 square feet within a new multi-story building.

Pittsburgh CyberConXion contains 65 PCs specially configured for gaming and four console (Xbox, PS2, GameCube) gaming pods with 100-inch DLP projection screens.

A high speed Local Area Network (LAN) connects these devices and provides the multi-user infrastructure for each platform.

In addition, the LAN is attached to the Internet providing wide area multi-user capability and access to the World Wide Web.

Twenty-four (24) of the PCs are separated into two CyberRooms, which can host private gaming parties as well as training and education classes.

In addition, there is a small café area with a lounge area and seating capacity for 16. Food service includes snacks, beverages and prepared items from nearby restaurants.


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