Each counry has a flag. The coutry's uniforms are usually based off of the flag's colors. For instance, the U.S.'s uniforms always have red white and blue except for the swimming suits. At the openning ceremonies one of the athletes carries the flag of their country. It is an honor to carry the flag of your country at the openning ceremonies.

Germany: yellow, black, red

U.S.: red,white, blue

New Zealand: red,white,blue

China: red, yellow

Mexico: red, white, green

Sweeden: yellow, blue

Spain: yellow, red

Japan: red, white

Brazil: green, yellow, blue

Russia: red, white, blue

Taiwan: red,white,blue

Egypt: red, white, black

Israel: blue,white

Thailand: red, white, blue

Canada: red, white

Australia: red, white, blue

Britain: red, white, blue

Ireland: green, white, orange

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