Helped as founder of ESPN.




NEW YORK – – Collegiate sports fans around the world are as passionate and dedicated as any athletics fans anywhere. Today, a social networking website and college sports news portal is transforming how athletes and their friends and family interact with each other and how they access current sports scores and news from more than 1,400 American universities of all sizes. ( is the brainchild of the legendary entrepreneur who brought us ESPN, Bill Rasmussen. Rasmussen's expansive web site boasts more than 20,000 individual college team sports web pages and provides current information and news about college sports not just concerning NCAA Division I schools, but also from Division II and III schools. Additionally, many NAIA schools are given the opportunity to highlight their own athletics programs on the net.

Not Just College Football, Basketball, and Baseball

The website covers the traditionally best-known collegiate sports of football, basketball, and baseball, and it also highlights less visible college sports like: golf, gymnastics, water polo, wrestling, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, track, cross country, rowing, bowling, field hockey, skiing, skating, and swimming. The site also features a blog by the 76 year old Bill Rasmussen.

"Instead of covering perhaps 200 of the most well-known college athletics programs, we are committed to helping the millions of college athletes and fans at thousands of American schools interact with each other and to create online resources to keep them informed about their schools," said Rasmussen during a recent interview.

He is quick to highlight one of the powerful constants in achieving success in college athletics and business: enthusiasm. "College sports still seems the same to me as it did back in 1979. Sure, performance and training has improved, but the spirit in these young, dedicated athletes is the same," Rasmussen

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